Thank you for your interest in a Von Charm Great Dane puppy! Please take a moment to tell us about yourself. The information you provide here will help us determine your suitability for ownership. This questionnaire may seem involved but as a potential owner you should be pleased that we place our puppies very carefully. Please use your mouse or the tab button to navigate through the questionnaire.


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What are your plans for this dog? (answer all that apply) Pet/Companion
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Have you ever owned a Great Dane in the past? If yes, please tell us about the dog. If no, why do you want a Great Dane now? Yes
What qualities do you expect to find in a Great Dane?
What don't you want to find in a Great Dane?
Why are you interested in a Von Charm Great Dane?
Are there any other animals in your home? If yes, how many and what kind?
What has become of other pets you have owned? Have you ever had to euthanize (put to sleep) an animal? If yes, why?
How will you transport the dog?
Please tell us about your living arrangments and how it allows for scheduled feedings, proper training, exercise, etc.
Balanced nutrition is very important to any dog, and with giant breeds there are critical growing periods where the nutritional needs of the puppy must be met if it is to reach its full potential. What type of diet are you planning on feeding? Please be s
Do you plan on giving nutritional supplements to the dog? If yes, please elaborate.
Will this dane live in the house?
Does everyone in your household agree that this dane is a member of the family and is to be treated with respect?
Danes are expensive! Veterinary expenses alone are much higher (more dog=more medicine=more money). Can you afford not only the higher maintenance costs but the training and medical (heartworm preventative, check-ups, etc) needs?
Are you willing to spay/neuter this dane? If no, why not?
If you are interested in breeding this dane, are you 100% committed to showing this dane to its AKC Championship, OFAing its hips, thyroid testing, and consulting with us prior to breeding?
How many litters have you bred and how many years have you been breeding?
What are your reasons for breeding Great Danes?
What is your marital status?
What is your age?
What is your occupation?
Are there children in your household and if so, what are their ages?
Are you 100% committed to caring for this Great Dane throughout it's lifetime?
Do you have a fenced yard that is secure?
What type of residence do you live in (own home, rent home, apartment, condo, etc)?
Approximately how many hours will the dog be left alone each day?
Where will the dog stay during the day? And the evening?
What books have you read on dog care and training?
Is there any additional information you would like us to know when we assess placing a Von Charm Great Dane with you? We would love to hear your own expectations for this newest member of your family!
Your turn! Is there anything you would like to ask of us at this time?

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