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Piper Day 2
Sire: Ch Jerdans Prince of Vigo CHIC
Dam: 10 X's BISS Ch Shady Creeks Sister Golden Hair AOM CHIC

Breeder/Owner/Handler:  Cat Urner
Piper 5 Weeks
Piper 12 Weeks
Courtesy of M. Stoner.
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Piper was awarded 4th at the GDCA Nationals
at 6 Month's old in the Bred-by class.
Piper 12 Month's
Piper's Ads & Certs
Great Dane Gallery 5/2009
Great Dane Review 6/2009
Great Dane Review 8/2009
Piper 3 years old.  
Winning WB
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7 Year's
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